Applying For Spanish Visa

Possessing Spanish visa is necessary, especially if you want to stay in Spain for about 90 days but getting the same could be a tedious process. You have to provide all required documents with the number of copies required of each and you also need to fill out all the details accurately without making any mistakes. In addition to this, you also have to apply in person at the nearest consulate present. Other conditions depend on the rules and regulations of the country you belong. In case you’re turned down for the first time you have applied a visa, you will have to undergo additional trips again and again.

Schengen Visa Travel Insurance

Preparing your self before actually applying a visa for Spain can help. You’ll need a passport, your original marriage certificate (in case your married), recent passport sized pictures (4 Nos.), certificate of good conduct from the local police department, medical insurance information, medical certificate from your doctor with two photocopies of all the documents that have been stated. In case you do not have a passport, you can apply for a new one. In order to get a visa, your passport should minimum have six months of life left. Before applying the visa make sure you get three photocopies of the photo and personal information page.

Once you have prepared yourself for applying visa, you have to fill out an application form for a visa. You can take this application from the Spanish Embassy or the Spanish Embassy’s website. After the fourth passport size photographs you have, yet one of them to the application form’s front page, towards the left-hand corner. You also need to attach your original marriage certificate only if you are married. Also attach the certificate of good conduct.

For getting the certificate of good conduct you have to visit the local police station in your area and asked them for that certificate. If you have been frequently traveling from one city to another in the last six months, you’ll have to get the certificate of good conduct from all the cities. You also need to schedule an appointment with a physician and get yourself a health certificate with the assurance of you being healthy. You may have to visit your doctor twice, once for getting yourself tested and the next time to collect the Medical certificate. You will also need to include a medical insurance in your application for visa.

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